On the occasion of Becker’s 150 years anniversary of establishment and development, Exotic has honour of supporting and setting up a event, which welcomes special guests and expresses a wish to all employees. The June event is organized successfully with 85 guests attendance at Binh Duong province. A meaningful night happened in the shared moment and leader’s motivation, furthermore, the unique and love atmosphere between people in corporation.

Employees was decorating the board with full of colored memorize photo 
Source: Exotic Viet nam

The receptionist welcomed the guests with special gift Source: Exotic Viet Nam

The fashion show started the event and attracted the paticipants, beside the vibrated songs were showed up by company’s employeesSource: Exotic Viet Nam

The funny activities made atmosphere be exciting, eventful. The groups competed together through the adventurous games, which led the conference room full of sound and cheer

Source: Exotic Viet Nam

Drawing tattoo and setting balloon are activities attracting attention and curiousness of guests. That created a out of rules and creative program with new style.Source: Exotic Viet Nam

Before beginning the party, executive committee shared sincerely to all guests and employees and congratulated the 150-year anniversary of Becker company

The buffet is started by the uncork red wine sound and the clink glasses of all people.

Source: Exotic Viet nam

The event was ended in the joyful atmosphere. Both executive committee and employees were happy because of company’s successful achievement, 150 years maitainability and development.    

Exotic Viet Nam has the best wishes to 150 years anniversity of Becker corporation.

We hope that these moments marked an important position in your heart.

We are glad to co-ordinate with your company next occasion.

Your pleasure is our pride!


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