On September 21st 2014, Better Work Vietnam organized a workshop on “Sharing work experience in Vietnam” and a teambuilding program called “Together we win” for their staffs. It’s a great honor for Exotic Vietnam to be chosen as the organizer of this event.

“Sharing work experience in Vietnam” workshop (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

After a morning of discussion, sharing practical and valuable experiences about work, 32 members had an energetic afternoon with exciting teambuilding activities.

The members are ready to participate in the program (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The program is not only an opportunity to connect colleagues but also a platform for Korean members to exchange and explore the culture of Vietnam. Both teams were excited joining the startups: decoration and presentations of “non la” (Vietnamese conical hats) and “ao ba ba” (Southern Vietnam’s traditional costumes).

The conical hat expressed the Vietnam-Korea friendship. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Team "Non la" presented about their team’s logo in confidence. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Team "Ao ba ba" showed their knowledge of Vietnamese culture. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Building team spirit with "Passing the ball" game (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Intellectual challenge with "The Da Vinci Code" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)


"Together we win" message means “Success is made ??by everyone”. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The "Together we win" was closed, but still leave a negative balance in each unforgettable. Through teambuilding challenges, Exotic Vietnam hopes that Better Work Vietnam members will always promote the unity power, open-mindedness of cultural differences to work together better.

Exotic Vietnam is pleased to bring the corporate team building, travel, event planner services with the slogan "Make it in detail" to our clients.

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