Bien Dong POC – Cheer up! World Cup 2014

This 2014 summer remarks the return of World Cup, which is held every four years. To make the summer vacation more special for the leaders and staffs, Bien Dong Petroleum Operating Company (Bien Dong POC) chose Exotic Vietnam as the organizer of the Team Building “Cheer up! World Cup 2014” on June 23rd 2014.

The ideal destination was Phu Quoc Island. The activities were expectedly successful because of the wonderful weather and participants’ enthusiasm.

Eden Resort – Phu Quoc Island (Source:

Team Building:

After having buffet breakfast, all participants gathered on lawn of Eden Resort at 8:00 AM.

Warm-up and Team Division (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The humorous host and facilitators made everybody become more exciting, enthusiastic and energetic. Then the “World Cup” started with many activities related to the balls. Just like the World Cup, the victory didn’t depend on excellent individuals but the team spirit and collaboration.

Get started with Sticks vs. Ball (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Let’s Pass the ball! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Challenges for footballers (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Preparation for the next game (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Goalkeepers: All in one (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Balls on Parade (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

What an amazing banner! “Bien Dong POC – Cheer up! World Cup” (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Gala Dinner:

The Gala started at 7:00 PM at Eden Resort’s restaurant.

Exotic Vietnam’s MC and Bien Dong POC’s representatives (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Actually, it was a warmful dinner party rather than a formal ceremony. The words like “colleagues”, ”boss”, “staffs” were nearly all replaced by “friends”, “brothers”, “sisters” etc. And the company likely became a family. Everybody sat together, enjoyed the dinner besides to joining in some interesting games. 

What makes you beautiful (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Who is the biggest wrestler? (Source: Exotic Vietnam)


Happy moments at the Gala Dinner (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The Gala Dinner was full of success and happiness, it finally ended at 10:30 PM. Everybody took photos together to remark a good memory.

It was a great honor for Exotic Vietnam to be the organizer of the Team Building and Gala Event. We hope that all members of Bien Dong POC had a relaxable and joyful moment with this program.

Thank you so much. See you again!