To celebrate the Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20th, Saigon Thang Long’s board of directors held an event "Ehome 3’s Women" as a meaningful present for women in Ehome 3 Residence. The event was organized by Exotic Vietnam.

The program included cooking competition "Ehome 3 Masterchef - The secret box" and areas for children. This is not only a contest for the women, but also an opportunity for family members to get together. The fathers were also interested in making this "family party" more special in the contest.

The parents were excited to prepare for the meal (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Besides, the little children had the opportunity to explore the wonders of science with Mr. Bamboo, experience “fingertips” game, sport games and martial performance.

Children enjoyed the wonders of scientific phenomena (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Both players and spectators are highly concentrated with bowling (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The "little masters" had a wonderful performance (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Meanwhile, contestants quickly finished their great cuisine. Each table showed a unique style and talent of the women.

East - West harmonious combination made perfect table (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The competition’s main purpose is to create a playground to connect women (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Taking photos with director Khoa Nam, a member of the judges (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The greetings are simple but full of love (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Besides, the event left a good impression by lovely greeting cards of the children for their grandmas, mothers and sisters. We hope that the event brought joy to Ehome 3’s women and their family joyful and memorable moments on Vietnamese Women’s Day.

Exotic Vietnam wishes Ehome 3’s women are always happy, healthy and beautiful!