Imagine be one with light at amazing night!

A mysterious program appeared at the end night of year, where bright colors are created by limelight, music and hot dance. EXOTIC Viet Nam is glad to co-operate with GAMELOFT company as a goal to organize a spurt atmosphere. The joiners got the unforgettable memories at this night.

At 18:00 on January 16th at Cargo Bar, the year end party of the Viet Nam famous mobile phone, computer and console’s games production company is celebrated and marks a fantastic feeling in guest’s heart.

The unique and curious moments bring everybody to other colored world…(source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The motley colors drawed to the guests’s body with seperating style, which helps them shine. (Source:Exotic Viet Nam)

The strange-looking light track at Glow photo both took a special impressiveness to the participants (Source: Exotic VietNam)

The amazing appearance - Neon Crew show had opend a hopeful Glow Party (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Buffet was ready to enjoy before game. Keep calm and take it.!!! (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The beautiful DJ girl was beginning to play music which made everybody free mix with distinct dance (Source: Exotic VietNam)

Blaze up with music and colors which are complicated together and set up lively space. (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Let’s drink to New Year 2015 coming with a lot of success and victory (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Energetic music and Neon light were ended up with full of guests’s enthusiasm and pleasure. The company’s executive committee shared with all people in achievements beside the best wishes for new year.

Exotic Viet Nam hopes that the “Glow Party” can bring the participants the greatest moments at the end of year. Moreover, company will be crowned with success next year.



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