Taking place on 10th September 2014, the team building program “Act to win” organized by Exotic Vietnam successfully brought remarkable impression and happy moments to Hoa Binh House‘s staffs. Different activities related to the ball at Ho Tram beach aimed to improve the teamwork spirit and sport spirit.

Affirming enthusiasm of Hoa Binh House (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

All participants were divided into 4 groups. After an energetic warm-up activity with lively music, 4 groups were all ready for the real challenges.

Each groups exerted their creativity to make their own unique dance. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

It’s necessary to have a discussion and agreement of all members. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Act to win the “Pass the ball” game. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Build up the ball called “Success” (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

We couldn’t make out achievement without flexibility, team spirit and an effective leader. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Remove the distance of 4 groups in the “Big ball” game. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Hoa Binh House – Act to win, together we’ll exceed the limit. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

After interesting team building activities, they spent such a wonderful moment in Gala dinner.

The children gave us such a lovely performance. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Enjoy the “Balloons of love” game (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

We are from Hoa Binh House. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

It’s a pleasure for Exotic Vietnam to organize this “Act to win” team building program. We hope that after this program, all people will improve their trust and solidarity among colleagues to build a bigger Hoa Binh House with success and prosperity.

Exotic Vietnam’s looking forward to the next programs.