Hoang Yen Group - Castle secrets II

Hoang Yen Group - Castle secrets II

Pyramid is the symbol of sustainability, creativity and strong will of human. Before, they built the pyramids only for the individual Pharaohs. Today, Pyramid icon is used to motivate staff to contribute to prosperity of the company where every employee benefits are shared. The contribution of each employee is like a brick in this eternal structure.

And Pyramid is also the featured image of the team building program "Secret Castle II" of Hoang Yen Group. The program is organized and executed by Exotic Vietnam. It was an activity in the training series of Hoang Yen Group: "Branding from human resources".

On Nov 4th 2014, Phan Thiet Beach welcomed 44 members of Hoang Yen Group by the wonderful weather. After team division, all members were eager for the warm-up dance and ready for the challenges.

The team began to "conquer challenges". The challenges required not only physical strength, but also intellection, problem solving skills, leadership skills, especially team building spirit.

Coordination and leadership skills in "Shoulder to shoulder" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

"Task assignment" required logic and ingenuity (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The team promoted "innovative spirit" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

"Pride in the job" was full of professional challenges (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Dealing with the problems when serving in the restaurant (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Brand building (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Overcome every challenge, the team received materials for "Building the Pyramids". Each piece of the puzzle contained the desire and determination of each member to build up the Hoang Yen Group’s fame.


Finally, all the members got together in the Gala Dinner. The team leader and members shared their opinion and determination for the company.

Through the “Castle Secrets II”, Exotic Vietnam hopes members of Hoang Yen Group had joyful moments, unforgettable experience by their teammate as well as colleagues. People are always proud to be a member of Hoang Yen family.

Let’s review the happy moments in the program!