Isuzu – Passion Connection, Communication Sharing

Isuzu D-max Caravan titled "Connect passion, shared community" (Hanoi - Nghia Lo - Mu Cang Chai - Sapa) with a total distance of 900km in 04 days 03 nights of Isuzu Company launched from October 23rd, 2014.

As one of the most memorable activities, the teambuilding program "Together We Win" organized by Exotic Vietnam took place on October 25th 2014 in Ban Ho, which is about 30km from the center of Sapa town. With varied terrain, unique culture of five ethnic groups, Ban Ho is a suitable venue for exploring and teambuilding activities.

Participants were divided into 03 teams with impressive name such as Forest birds, Strong goats and Red bulls. The team must overcome the challenges with high team spirit; thereby learn more about the uniqueness of life of local people.

Develop creativity and express their own identity on their team flag (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The teams must find the map placed in the sheaves before starting the journey. The game "Carry straw" is the ideal start for members.

Team spirit on “Carry straw" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The team quickly found their way to the next station (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The "Local specialties" challenged the ingenuity of all members. It’s also an opportunity for people to enjoy the unique cuisine of H’mong people in a very special way.

"Men men" - a traditional dish of H’mong group (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The team continued to move to the "Hunt" station before finish. The game reflected the lives of local people. They must cope with the Mother Nature and poor living condition.

Concentrate on the target (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Overcoming each station, the team received the Thai traditional costumes and accessories. Then, all people participated in Thai traditional dance.

Charming dressed in Thai traditional costume (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Connecting members through amusing traditional dance (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The Gala was a great festival with fun games, impressive performances and the Teambuilding prize award banquet.

Lively and impressive performances (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Teambuilding prize (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The journey is not only a tribute to loyal customers who trust and support Isuzu’s product, but also the occasion to connect the ones interested in the D-MAX product. In addition, the trip was a great chance to support the disadvantaged and share community responsibilities.

Exotic Vietnam hopes that all members had memorable moments together, and understood the team building values the program "Together We Win”.