After success of the previous programs, LG Electronics Vietnam brought such a unique Team Building program to their staff, called “Color Your Life” on August 23rd 2014. It’s a great honor for Exotic Vietnam to be the organizer of this program for the very first time.

Inspired by Hindu festival of colors in India, "Color Your Life" attracted over 80 participants from LG Electronics Vietnam.

All participants gathered in The BCR, district 9 at 9.00 AM. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Everybody was all ready for an energetic Sunday with plenty of exciting warm-up activities.

Together we accomplished the mission. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

What a special wheelbarrow! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The 2-in-1 union would be stronger to take on the bigger challenge. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

After interesting warm-up games improving team spirit, all members started to create the most unique flashmob performance for their team. Funny and creative performances of 4 teams made this team building program impressive and unforgettable.

Looking for the most impressive performance (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

However, the highlight of this program is the Color Run expected with different challenges for all participants. Let’s color our life with LG!

Having fun with the “slipping pool” (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Color their body with yellow powder in the first color station. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Did the Red Color make their victory in this challenge? (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Natural Green Color made the game more exciting. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Nothing can prevent LG from moving forward. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Welcome to the final station with beautiful Violet Color. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Flashmob performance symbolized the united value. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Together we made up a colorful picture titled “LG – Color your life”. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Life is a colorful picture, while each of us is a crayon that makes this picture become more lively and glorious.

With the meaningful message, this team building program is a chance for all members to get closer with each other. By encouraging participants’ sport spirit and building up solidarity, we hope that all members of LG had such a happy moments and remarkable memories in “Color your life”.

Exotic Vietnam is glad to coordinate with LG Electronics Vietnam.