Before enter into the “Happy tour 2015”, the in Sai Gon and Ha Noi have to experienced the trainning, which happened under the severe sunshine in July in Linh Son bamboo forest (Binh Duong) and the rainy day of Ha Noi in Lo Khe town. How did they pass over? What messages did they get to next package? What skills did they learn? Let’s come to Exotic training tour.

Training tour is divided into 2 parts: Theory and Practice.

Firstly, what are their studies?

The sun was burning hot, which not dispirited the Sai Gon backpackers with instructions of Dao Kim Trang – the king of Excursion. Moreover, the Ha Noi groups concentrated on listening writer Pham Ha Hai’s motivation.Source: Exotic Viet Nam

 The main goal of training is here – execises. Run 1000 meters and do push-up were nothing for teenager’s power.

 Ha Noi teams were running behind the rainning  which did not disturb them anymore (source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The next is the lesson how to first-aid in the emergency, how to move the patients and dress the wounds. It is the important skill for all people to travel everywhere.  The young learnt this lesson rapidly thanks to the instructions of scout. 

What kinds of this first-aid? It is quite hard to answer this question! (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Checking “partner” before journey is very important. How to fix the motorbike when it’s out of work or has a puncture was instructed by breakdown mechanic.

Source: Exotic Viet Nam

Tie a knot which helps pull at woods, tree and put up a tent while being in the forest is a difficult thing for teenagers in the modern hi-tech society. However, it is claimed to pay attention to the young’s learning. Let’s observe what they studied to make a knot.

"Is it right knot? I think that is the same as a shoes-laces tied." (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The theory lessons was finished, the basic things were prepared carefully. So, it’s the moment for the young to begin practice. They were divided into groups which had the symbolic colors so as to compete the first-prize of training course. What did they wait for? The series of challenges were welcoming their experiences.


First-aid a member broken his leg. Then how did the others move him? Follow them…

By bicycle or by human strength with support of wood and canvas

source: Exotic Viet Nam


A new delicious member – a duck which travelled during 1 km in distance became a difficult factor for teams. Execute and pluck these ducks!!!

"What can I do with this victim?" he worried (source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Housework was time-up, organizer continued to giving a trial to teams which required to be unite and unanimous between members and used the instructed lessons to undergo the challenges  

Forming the balloon boats, who would be the winner and get the ingredient to cook meals? Let’s try the best to fight together!!!!

Fighting! Let’s go. Never give up!! … (source: ExoticViet Nam)


How to make a fire with small firewood and little straw. Members blew and prayed: “please, fire was burning”

How happy they felt although their face was dirty because of soot  

The success they got is a delicious meal and shining smile (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

Enjoy your meal and have a great experience ! (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The training course is ended up in the cheerful evening and simple dinner. However, all people both felt proud of themselves because of their experiences which they learnt from difficulties. The HAPPY TOUR is still waiting them, maybe it is full of challenges or happiness, but the important value they received is the unity. EXOTIC  hopes that members summed up and kept in their mind the memories they went through together.