To review the company national culture and improve Great unity spirit, on June 28th 2015, Vietnam Exotic Company was chosen as a partner by Mat Bao Company to organize a Teambuilding program called “One Family”. The program had a well end.
Mat Bao Color – Mat Bao Family (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Teams acted before starting – each team created a special dance – creation is unlimited (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Teammates were coordinating closely to keep and move the ball to the goal (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Yellow of T-shirt – fierce teamwork spirit, thought they were divided into many teams, they still manifested that they are a big family (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
It’s too difficult to “lift the arch after crossing the bridge” when you were under the color rain, with the spirit “To be determined to fight for winning the victory”, everything was nonsense (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Fair games or Stronger action Games also represented at the program such as: tug of war, jumping on jute bags, football, dragging wheelbarrow … 
Couple jump on a jug bags (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

 (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Walk on stilts – Familiar but Strange – new stilts version which cross dummy minefield, was only on “Family Day”
(Source: Exotic Vietnam)


The big buffet party was the last part of the program

 The great message that Exotic send to everyone is “One Family” – we are a big family. We all stand together in every activity, in our work as well as in our life. Mat Bao is a home of their staffs.

Exotic Vietnam Company willing to become your close-partner in ever event, travel, or teambuilding activity. We hope that Mat Bao great family are happy, successful, more and more developing.
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