Prudential operates with the slogan "always listening, always understanding", so the internal communication is one of the important factors that make Prudential’s success. To strengthen teamwork in the company, Prudential organized teambuilding program "Exceed all limits" for 30 employees. The program was organized by Exotic Vietnam at Paradise resort, Vung Tau on October 18th 2014.

2.30 PM all members concentrated at the beach and began to enter the exciting startup.

Two teams were ready to participate in active team building games.

Flexibility, coordination training in the game "Cooperation" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Every member contributed to the achievement of the whole team (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The team was unanimous in the float tube race (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The highlight of the program was exciting race filled with "Formula 1 cars". All members join together in the common effort to make the team "exceed all limits", leading in every race.

Amazing racers (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Through exciting team building games and "Formula 1 car", Exotic Vietnam wants to send to the members of Prudential a message of how collaboration, communication skills, project management, leadership etc. are important. In addition, the "Prudential - EXCEED ALL LIMITS" directs all members to eliminate the gaps among colleagues and get together in collective activities. All the Prudential building a strong, overcome difficulties and strive to lead in the future.

Two teams, two cars ... one direction "Prudential - Exceed all limits" (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Let’s review great moments of the event!