For the purpose of finding active, enthusiastic, creative and unified employees, Dalattourist Company decided to be associated with Exotic Vietnam Company to organize a program with a series of Gameshows called “Challenge”. This program helped the company look for talented people which had taken place in 2 days (from May 25th to 26th, 2015) in Dalat City, Lam Dong province.

Cadidates have to sign in the comfirmation form and received their code before attending the program
(Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Face to challenges
Dalattourist’s candidates have to confront difficulties with 9 Gameshows that the organization (Exotic) suggested.
The message “Protect the environment!” was also propagated in the Game “Clear up the environment” (Exotic Vietnam)

The teams tried to get over the distance of 2km to reach Robin Hill (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
The challenge to assemble the bridge model will manifest the
keen intelligence and sharp-witted mind of the candidates (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Cross the fence – the acdidated supported their teammates to overcome the challenges of the organization (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

New settlements have just been built with the teams’ attempt (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
Vehement existence ability only with dry branches and paper (Source: Exotic vietnam)
The campfire is not only for fun but also for the creative inspiration of the candidate’s dreams (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Make rafts – the mission required correct calculation and carefulness of the teams (Source: Exotic Vietnam)
 (Source: Exotic Vietnam)They nourish and protect their dreams completely during the itinerary overcoming the challenge (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Through the challenges that Exotic Vietnam set up with the topic: “Dalat Challenge”, Dalattourist’s candidates showed off their capability and prove their ability to recruitors. Simultaneously, their attitude and characteristics were also manifested through each part of the Game. New potential stars of Dalattourist appeared after having experienced the extreme difficult challenge but full of laughter and happiness.
Labour source is the cell of the company. Any business wants to find out talented people. Exotic Vietnam Company congratulates Dalattourist Company for attaining that goal, and hopes that Dalattourist will develop in flourish and becomes the brand beloved by everyone.
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