Roche Vietnam Teambuilding

It’s a great honor for Exotic Vietnam to organize the teambuilding themed “Flat-out Formula 1” for Roche Vietnam on December 27th 2014. Our destination was Ho Tram beach.


After team division, Roche members were excited to join in warm-up activities.

Shoulder to shoulder (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Hand to hand (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Flat-out Formula 1

“Flat-out Formula 1” was an innovative team building event for those who want to build and race their very own Formula 1 cars by the whole team’s efforts. Working from detailed blueprints, each Roche team had to rally their collective skills to turn a kit of cardboard sheets, tubes, a steering system, pre-cut wheels… into the ultimate driving machine.

Study about the car structure (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

It seems rather difficult to build up the car without team spirit (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Once construction is complete, the Roche teams embellish their cars with corporate messages and company values. Once built, the Formula 1 is tested and adjusted accordingly to enhance its performance for the competition, of course run by human power. The final race with one driver on board determined the champion.

Teamwork spirit made unique Formula 1 (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Hurry up! We’ll be the champion! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Two teams are One – Roche Vietnam (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

“Flat-out Formula 1” was really successful. Exotic Vietnam hopes that this team building program gave everyone amazing experience and great memories.

Hope to see Roche Vietnam again in the next programs.