It was a beautiful Sunday when Galaxy Company cooperated with Exotic Vietnam to celebrate the “Rosneft Family Day 2014” for Rosneft Oil Company. The event was organized at Equatorial Hotel – one of the best luxury hotels in HCMC on June 22th, 2014. It was a good chance for every family in Rosneft to meet up and have happy moments together. Morover, the event also gave all little members useful and fascinating experiences of their parents’ job through various activities.

The event was divided into 2 parts: the first part was Team building activities specifically designed for kids. The second one was the interesting and joyful Gala Dinner.

The children were very excited to take up 4 grand challenges in “The adventures of Dunno (Neznayka) and his friends”.

Let’s take to the seas to get materials for shipbuilding! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Hey, take a look! We’re setting up an oil drilling rig. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Through this adventure, Dunno (Neznayka) and Doono (Znayu) hope that little friends will understand what their parents do every day at office and have an amazing experience of “working” as a petroleum engineer.

Memorize the moment we successfully got past all the challenges! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Physical games seem challenging but they really improve the flexibility, endurance and team spirit of the kids.

Dad! Do you want to race with me? (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

What was he doing? Was it witchcraft? No, it’s science. What Doctor Doono did absolutely attracted not only the kids, but also their parents. Wow, science is magic!

Count to 3 and put the egg into the bottle! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Rosneft Family Day 2014 finally ended, but we believe that the amazing adventures with Dunno and Doono will bring all marvelous memories to every kid’s dream.  We wish that all families of Rosneft will be always happy. Hope to see you again on the next Family Day.