In   the Greek mythology, " The combatant " was known as a symbol of strength , speed , to compete with the spirit of fighting to protect the good things strongly. As defined in Samurai " the combatant" that : " Combatant wwho can win yourself".

At present, "the spirit of combatant" that was more companies use and to enter the company culture, to boost spirit of every employee towards the prosperity of the company. Sometime, it  can be the principle of the company.

So, How can be become a combatant? . Results will available soon here.

Let's start to regard " the combatant gameloft" of the Gameloft company. They did it how to design the model and organization of Exotic Viet Nam for 35 - combatant in Binh Thuan resort.

Stag e 1: To deploy battlefiel

The combatant to prepare the material conditions together : to assemble the carriage, weapon, armour,...

Stage 2: To create weapons

The weapons was created by combatants to be able to derive the value of the treasure. The leader of each group thought strategy to overcome the battlefield.

Stage 3: To rushin to danger at the battle

The spirit of combatant started strongly promote

To take from treasures - cellar then shipped to market

Transportation to the market to sell at the price

To take buisniess money to change with brand values.

The winner is the most money

Stage 4: The triumphant song

All team the system merge into one unique image - a powerful pyramid GAMELOFT

The combatant color hallmork.

Combatant Gameloft shine moments.

Exotic Viet Nam hopes sparked soul mirror , creativity and valor of " the combatant Gameloft" to victory in the "War market",  as well as " the battle of life" of every member Gameloft company,  to provide growing companies in the technology market