On 8th April 2014, 43 students of Canadian International School (CIS) started their field trip in Dalat. On this field trip, the students not only visited many places, but also participated in many exciting outdoor teambuilding activities, such as trekking, abseiling, camping and rafting. Exotic Vietnam was glad to be a partner with CIS students in this field trip. 

Students were ready for the trekking activity. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Come on! Let’s conquer the Langbiang Mountain! (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

After moving to the peak of the mountain, they sat by a cooking fire to enjoy the warmth. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Interesting cultural exchange between CIS students and K’ho authority (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Enjoy a dramatic landscape from the highland in the morning. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The second morning was highlighted with a trek to 5-meter cliff. The students were trained to use the equipment of abseiling and conquer this cliff. Then, they changed their target to the 25-meter cliff.

Students seemed to be interested in this activity. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The third day welcomed all students with teambuilding activities that improve students’ social skills and team spirit.

Fire making (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Fishing on stream (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Irrigating (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

A special way to collect colorful balls (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Hunting (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The students had a happy time in Gala Dinner. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

Taking pictures at Bao Dai Summer Palace. (Source: Exotic Vietnam)

The student not only spent their time with teamwork activities, but also had opportunity to review their knowledge and visit some famous places in Dalat, such as Bao Dai Summer Palace, Domain Church, Dalat Flower Park.

Exotic Vietnam was glad to organize this trip CIS’s students. Thank you so much and see you later!