LAVIE belonging to Nestle Waters is one of leading bottled water company worldwide. This brand always determines itself in domestic and international market place. In order to strengthen ties with employees and stick together, beside improve the pride of product brand, on the 13-15th march in Phan Thiet, Lavie water company co-operating Exotic Viet Nam organized a teambuilding program. A competed playing ground associating sports at Phan Thiet beach brought the great time for all people.

The journey started. Groups of employee can’t stand the eager and nervous feelings in their heart waiting an exciting trip but full of challenges. 

The journey is to hunt the treasure with the leather map which shows the scrawl drawings. It is not easy for members to overcome. 10 teams with each color are full of spirit and ready to fight. (source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The first station: Team building at the seashore

Teams showed their union by the way they win the games, challenges during five stations. The priceless values are summerised through the “Set the strategies”, “Shoulder the duties”, then “Harmonious combination” and “Resolving the contradiction” appearing in working days as well as solving the problems in order to “Maintain the customer” and finally build up company to reach the new position.  

The Lavie ball was a symbol of community’s union which was believed to go ahead and shoulder the responsibilities for private company and public. go (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

LAVIE brand was built up together by groups then maintained and developed. (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

“Customer is King”, we always respect, take care of their ideas and create the favourable conditions to customer’s choices go (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The sign of power, strength and endlessness, the Lavie pyramid is built and honored by the collected source pieces of groups. Their effort was tested by the challenges which gave them the important pieces and helped to set up a giant pyramid

The pieces of paper joint readily was preparing to build Lavie pyramid so as to respect the company’s values.(Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The second station 2: Continuous Games

5 groups united and created the amazing Flashmod dance under the sunset at Phan Thiet seashore. The games showing the companion’s spirit were experienced in turn; the power of all day was spent on difficulties like “The Giant Spider’s web”, “Thousands miles Shoes”, “Water protection”,…

The “Lavie” meals in the BBQ Dinner contest was celebrated in the luxurious and cool space. (Source: Exotic Viet Nam) 

GALA Dinner burst into the people’s emotions with special competition which had Lavie style be full of colors and music. DJ rhythm covered the space. “Lavie- Crazy night” took the joiner to change their look and feel the beat! 

The light harmonies began an energetic Gala night (Source: Exotic Viet Nam)

The program “WHAT DO YOU THIRST FOR?” of Lavie Water corporation was ended up in the funny atmosphere, which impressed the participants. Exotic Viet Nam saved the greatest moments and the nicest photographs then hope that your company could be pleased and happy with this event. Your happiness is our pride


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